This was our final connection of artists-to-schools for the 2018-2019 season. We were greeted by Jason Jones, Band and Orchestra Director. The program at Lely has approximately 130 band members and 30 in the orchestra.

The workshop began after brief introductions. The artists, each with notable university connections, David Shifrin (Yale), Anna Polonsky (Vassar), and Peter Wiley (Curtis), played several selections, among them, Beethoven, Rota, and d’Rivera.

The artist/student interaction was led by David who began with the clarinet. Some students observed that the same notes were being played in different ways in both clarinet and cello. David and Peter demonstrated.  In essence, the musicians noted, it depends on both the quality and strength of the tone as well as the mood they want to achieve. There were also questions about how often they practiced and the length; David, for example, begins the first thing in the morning. Students are always amazed at the amount of hours spent in daily practice! The artists, enjoying the exchanges, could have stayed for more questions but the next class and school bells interrupted.  A fine ending to a full year of educational outreach