Tuesday morning, January 21, the Formosa Quartet, our Artistic Director, Michael Finn, and Director of Development, Elizabeth Lynch, went to Pine Ridge Middle School and to East Naples Middle School.

At Pine Ridge, the artists were introduced and welcomed by Nanette Grant. Music students, as well as several other classes, were invited to the hour-long visit. The quartet played several pieces and between each engaged the students in a Q&A period. There were questions about “slipping” cellos and the daily practice regimen of the artists.

Mrs. Sarah Hoover, the orchestra teacher at East Naples, provided a different experience. She has thirty string players and after welcomes and tuning all instruments first to “A,” she led them in a short piece. Members of the quartet offered advice on holding the bows, on finger and wrist positions, and on such techniques as playing pizzicatos. Time was running out! The quartet had time for one short piece, applause, and the bell rang!