(Naples Illustrated – Nov. 2019) This season, several arts organizations are celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday with concerts dedicated to the famed German composer.
Classic Chamber Concerts kicks off its twenty-fifth season on December 16 (which most scholars believe to be Beethoven’s birth­ date) with an all-Beethoven program featuring works written during Beethoven’s very rich “middle period” of composing, performed by Orion Weiss, Yura Lee, and Clive Green­ smith. Classic Chamber Concerts continues the Beethoven theme January 20 with the Formosa Quartet and March 9 with the Miro Quartet featuring Clive Greensrnith .

“Beethoven represents the classical ideal,” says Michael Finn, artistic director of Classic Chamber Concerts. “His music has resonated with audiences for centuries, ennobling the spirit and challenging the status quo. He was a revolutionary figure who transcended the ordinary to create works of sublime quality. My personal opinion is that the music will continue to touch people much the same as a painting by Rembrandt or Monet expresses the ideal. Classic Chamber Concerts has the opportunity to present works composed in chronological order at our December concert, as well as a survey of string quartets written through­ out Beethoven’s life in concerts in January and March. This special season honoring Beethoven will be a rare treat for our audience.”