The 2018-2019 Season has begun!  Our first concert, an evening with the Philadelphia Brass Quintet.  Even more exciting, the next morning, December 18, members of the ensemble and our Artistic Director, Michael Finn, met at Barron Collier High School to listen to the school’s brass quintet.  Present as well, the school’s full roster of band members.

After listening to the ensemble play a piece that they were working to perfect, each member of the Philadelphia Brass Quintet made suggestions to improve their sound, tempo, and to listen even more carefully to one another.  The Quintet then played the same piece and answered questions from the student musicians. The more than an hour-long workshop was a success; a dialogue between seasoned professionals and aspiring students.

    Philadelphia Brass Quintet at barron collier High School

    January 22, 2019 –  Our second event for the season was at Gulf Coast High School.  The piano quartet met Lauren Pardee, the Orchestra Director, and the school’s two orchestra classes.  The program began with two short selections by the quartet, one of them a movement from an original composition by a close friend of Jennifer Koh, the group’s violinist. The school’s chamber group then played a selection with the professional musicians listening closely.  The coaching began. . . an alternative way to strike a pizzicato, a new and fuller bow stroke for the violins. An exchange of questions with the classes followed.

    Jennifer Koh, orion Weiss, Mina Smith & Jonathan Vinocour at Barron Collier High

    February 5, 2019 – Again at Barron Collier.  Francis Lonsway, Vice-Chairman of Classic Chamber Concerts, thanked Judith Evans, coordinator for the season’s school events, the school for its willingness to host the musicians, and introduced Michael Finn who led the workshop.  The piano trio, Michael Brown, Elena Urioste, and Nicholas Canellakis, played two short pieces, one of them a movement from an original composition by Michael.  All the school’s string musicians attended; the focus was on two of their fellow students, Carolyn Cornell. violin, and Joshua Myers, cellist.  Piano accompaniment was by Joshua’s mother, Loretta. Listening and learning.  The chairs were moved a bit to secure better eye contact among the trio; the focus of the comments was on getting a feel for the music, a late 19th century piece, encouraging discussion among the players on shortening or lengthening notes, and in ways to make the piece uniquely theirs.


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